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All of our Driftwood has been cleaned, dried, stabilized and sealed for long lasting durability. The angels, sailboats and other items were crafted from a combination of different types of time washed pieces of driftwood found on my favorite beach at Lake Erie.  A variety of woods have been used, sanded, pieced together, some whitewashed and some clear coated or stained highlighting the natural grain of the wood. Some pieces have been pulled from a bonfire still providing beauty.


Each and every sailboat's driftwood pieces have undergone rigorous sanding and cleaning along with application of wood sealants to stabilize and protect the driftwoods. The sails also are made of a variety of fabrics, some with beautiful verses printed on the fabric, or stamped with letters and or numbers.  The sails can be customized; color, patterns, numbers, letters, maps.

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Driftwood Sailboat - Large - Product Image

Driftwood Sailboat - Large

Driftwood Sailboat - Medium - Product Image

Driftwood Sailboat - Medium

Driftwood Sailboat - Small - Product Image

Driftwood Sailboat - Small