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What is a Whopper Gobb©?


Whopper Gobbs© are characters created from time washed pieces of driftwood that have survived the mighty elements of Lake Erie. They are made from unusual shapes of driftwood - some even pulled from the embers of a bonfire. They've journeyed back to shore in search of a new life of mirth. Whether dancing and singing the day away, or roaming the village, Whopper Gobbs© provide plenty of glee for all to see, that's if you know where to look!! They're difficult to spot 'cause they hang in their clough in the Village of Smirch at Van Buren Point.


All pieces were selected for their unusual shapes - some hand painted, some stained, some with teeth, eyes and legs. Vintage buttons and zippers are often used, as well as 'found' things such as: metal washers, pop can tops, fiber from sisal ropes, pine needles, plastic, birch bark, mesh from produce bags and other items. All driftwood has been cleaned, dried, stabilized and hand waxed or varnished for durability and preservation.


Our Whopper Gobbs© are pictured at left, and if you'd like to peruse the back story of any particular character, simply click on their name on the Family Tree below. Whopper Gobbs© shown on the Tree without links have not yet been created. To purchase online, please click a BUY NOW button below. Offline orders, use the REQUEST FORM please.

The Whopper Gobb© Family Tree

Click on a name to view each Whopper Gobb's© story.

(Story will open in full screen, just click anywhere on that screen to close it and return to this page.)

Know Your Whopper Gobb©

or Rules of Engagement


  1. Display your WG in a prominent place.
  2. Smile when saying Whopper Gobb 3x fast.
  3. Each Whopper Gobb is special and should be part of the family.
  4. Whopper Gobbs like to dance and sing, listen carefully at Sunset.
  5. WG’s get bored just hanging out in the same place all the time, be creative, WG’s love to frolic.
  6. WG’s love to have their pictures taken, take a selfie and post online.
  7. WG’s make everyone smile.
  8. WG’s are insomniacs, they’ll be on guard while you nap!



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