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Small Cloth Doll - 13" - Product Image

Small Cloth Doll - 13"

The Gathering Spirits Collection.


Our line of small cloth dolls have been created using 'gathered' fabrics, bits and pieces of other materials from family and friends. A piece of silk leftover from a favorite dress or remnants from a family quilt.  Other materials including vintage laces, ribbons and jewelry are used in creation of each of these unique dolls.

Each doll's body is constructed with cotton muslin and then fiber filled. All faces are lovingly hand painted.  The dolls are uniquely accessorized with necklaces, earrings or bracelets made to compliment their outfits. And their hair might even contain some element from nature woven in or be adorned with a feather.

The Gathering Spirits dolls are approximately 13" tall and come with a standard doll stand as well as glasses, purses, jewelry, and other accessories. By special request, handmade wooden ladder back chairs specifically crafted for Gathering Spirits dolls are available and can be custom painted, decorated, or left in their natural wood tones.

NOTE: Dolls are not suitable for young children and are for decorative purposes only.

*An additional charge will apply for chairs.


Clothing & Construction Details:

Each doll is custom made, one of a kind. Faces are hand painted on cotton muslin fabric and by request, specific likenesses can be painted on large cloth doll faces, while small cloth dolls all maintain a similarly styled face. The caricature face is a fan favorite allowing for flamboyant colors and expressions. Additionally, needle sculpting is done on large doll faces to accent facial features.

Cotton muslin fabric is used for body construction in both dolls and is available in a wide variety of colors from very light to warm and deep tans. By special request, tea dyed fabric is available.

If you are interested in ordering a doll specifically tailored for you, your company, a family member, your chapter or any other reason, it would be my our pleasure to take on this challenge.

NOTE: These dolls are not for children 3 yrs old and younger.


Payment Details:

You may pay in full now, or pay a deposit of half and the balance when your order is complete.


Shipping Charges: 

Due to the custom nature of our products, it's not possible for us to determine accurate shipping costs when you place your order. Once your item(s) is/are ready to send out, we'll email you a PayPal invoice for the actual shipping charges. There are no handling or other extra fees...you only pay what it costs us to send your order, and we'll pick the least expensive way possible for you. Your order will ship as soon as payment for shipping charges is received.


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OR, if you'd like a custom doll, choose the CUSTOM DOLL option. If you have an idea of what you're looking for, go ahead and enter it in the Custom Doll Information field...if you don't specify, we'll email you to ask for details.



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