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Sea Glass Slates


This poem was seen on social media this past summer and I really enjoyed it and thought how appropriate for all those who love to walk the beaches in search of beautiful ‘sea glass’. I identified the author, Bernadette Noll, to source and credit her poem and went to work to create a unique representation of the poem.

To create our Sea Glass Slates, reclaimed roofing slates are used adding depth and beauty to the poem. The slates are cleaned, and sanded with stabilizing material applied to the backs adding durability.

Prior to the poem’s application to the slate, layers of various colors of paint are applied, and sanding techniques are used to bring out the underlying colors and natural contours of the slate.  Applying the poem to the slate goes through aging and sealing processes as well. It is possible that during the coating, application and finishing processes some letters of the poem might become slightly faded which tends to add a bit to the ambiance of the 'aging' message. 

Glass that has been collected from Lake Erie beaches is drilled and strung on wire, then the wire is wrapped to the back of the slate, adhered and covered to prevent marring any surfaces. Not recommended for outdoor use unless covered with protective material. Slates can also be displayed on a table easel.

The finishing process will be completed upon purchase which includes: attaching either wire wrapped and or strung glass; adhering wire to back of slate; covering the wire; adding sealant; adding a paper covering to the back and felt feet to complete the piece. This finishing process takes about a week from point of sale.

If you would like to requisition a piece, please contact me directly for additional details. I’m happy to create more upon request. Each slate is a different size and weight - colors vary. No two are alike, just like the glass. Other slate images will be offered soon. We're happy to use your favorite saying or verse, background color, or even attach your own favorite items (unique stones, favorite sea glass, etc.). Each is unique and delightful! I hope you enjoy!


PLEASE NOTE:  Every Sea Glass Slate is different, and variations can occur during the layering and painting process. You'll receive an email with a photo of your finished slate, but it's important to remember that your finished slate's appearance may not exactly match the photo when it's received due to the difference of lighting conditions in our Lavender Way studio versus your home.


Construction Details:

The slates are cleaned, lightly sanded, the backs of the slates have been treated with a stabilizing material. New holes have been drilled for hanging, or the slates can be displayed on a table easel. Felt feet have been applied to the back of the slates to prevent marring surfaces if hanging. Slates are 18" tall x 10" wide, or 14 1/4" tall, 8 1/2" wide.

The slates are sanded and layers of various colors of paint are applied, then more sanding to highlight the various underlying layers of paints and natural contours of the slate. The poem is printed on an image with a lighthouse scene then adhered to the slate. Once applied, the poem’s application is aged around the edges, sealed, sanded, sealed again.

Glass that has been collected from Lake Erie beaches is drilled and strung on gold wire, the wire is adhered to the back and also covered on the back so as not to mar any surfaces.


Payment Details:

Payment in full is required when placing your order.


Shipping Charges: 

The shipping cost ($10) is included in the price of our Sea Glass Slates.


Below are the Slates we currently have available. Please choose which one you'd like from the drop-down menu, or select the custom option if you want to add your own text.



#1 - 14 in Tall by 8 in. wide


#2 - 14 in Tall by 8 in. wide


#3 - 14 in Tall by 8 in. wide


#4 -14 in Tall by 8 in. wide



#5 - 14 in Tall by 8 in. wide



#8 - 14 in Tall by 8 in. wide



#9 - 14 in Tall by 8 in. wide



#10 - 14 in Tall by 8 in. wide



#11 - 10  & qrt in. tall by 10 in. wide



#12 - 12 in Tall x 10 in. wide



#13 - 18 in Tall x 10 in. wide


#15 BLANK custom slate - 13 in. Tall x 8 in. wide


#16 BLANK custom slate, reddish-blue - 14 in. Tall x 8 in. wide


#17 & #18 BLANK custom slate - 18 in. Tall x 10 in. wide

Price: $65.00 
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