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Memory Pillow

Our Memory Pillows, uniquely crafted for you from your loved one's clothing, are a tangible, touchable way to honor the memory of someone who's passed on or keep a little piece of someone who's far away close to your heart.


We all know what it's like to miss someone you love who's passed on, or someone who's not near enough to hug as often as you'd like. Click the image above to view some examples of projects we've completed for our customers...there's a pillow made from a shawl with a zipper rose accent, a shirt pillow with a ruffle from an additional shirt and a pin created from a necktie, a beaded sweater transformed into a beautiful heirloom piece (gently tucked and stitched into place so the item wasn't cut or damaged), and several T-shirts we used to create a grouping of Memory Pillows, all which display the original owner's personality in a joyful way.


Clothing & Construction Details:

T-shirts, sweaters, other clothing such as robes, capes and jeans have been used to create memory pillows. Limited only by your imagination. Please ensure that the clothing or fabric you provide has been cleaned prior to shipping it to us.


Memory pillows are made using standard sized pillow forms.

 12" x 12" = $20.00

 14" x 14" = $25.00

 16" x 16" = $30.00

Special size request pillows will be filled with a poly blended fiber fill stuffing, and a $20 deposit is required.


Payment Details:

You may pay in full now, or pay a deposit of half and the balance when your order is complete. An email will be sent advising you of instructions for sending your pillow's material to Lavender Way.


Shipping Charges: 

Due to the custom nature of our products, it's not possible for us to determine accurate shipping costs when you place your order. Once your item(s) is/are ready to send out, we'll email you a PayPal invoice for the actual shipping charges. There are no handling or other extra fees...you only pay what it costs us to send your order, and we'll pick the least expensive way possible for you. Your order will ship as soon as payment for shipping charges is received.



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