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Gnomes were first introduced the 16th century, described as diminutive spirits two spans tall, very reluctant to interact with people, and able to move through solid earth as easily as humans move through air. Over time, gnomes have popped up in various literary works, with the authors reinterpreting their description in all sorts of imaginative ways, but they're nearly always classified as underground dwelling, tiny, humanoid creatures that posses some sort of magical abilities.


At some point in the early 1940's, Gnomes were used as lawn ornaments and placed in gardens all over the world. This spawned the Gnome Liberation Front in 1997, a group whose members assert that Gnomes deserve the same freedom as any other living creature and have 'liberated' (i.e. stolen) hundreds of them to date.


We can't be certain as to what our handmade Gnomes are up to when we're not looking, but we do know that they make absolutely adorable companions at home or at the office, and seem to be quite fond of hanging about as we do our thing.


Clothing & Construction Details:

Our Gnomes are approximately 11" - 12" high from top to bottom, hat included. Gnomes can be made from any variety of fabrics - linen, silk, cotton, holiday and vintage fabrics to name a few. Gnomes can also be made from recycled neck ties! The Gnomes are freestanding due to weighted bottoms of plastic fill beads. They are then fiber filled; additionally, upon request, dried lavender can be added to the fill. Some Gnomes have authentic fur beards while others have faux fur beards. Faux beard colors available include grey, green, red, brown, orange, black, white or even purple.



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