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Ghost Captain E.C. Gore - Product Image
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Ghost Captain E.C. Gore

Ghost Captain E.C. Gore


Captain E.C. Gore

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Ghost Captain, Captain E.C. Gore, from the ghost ship Anthony Wayne. His ship’s final voyage was on Lake Erie, April 27, 1850, carrying 300 barrels of high-quality wine and whiskey along with some cattle and horses. She was bound for Buffalo, New York. At the time of the disaster, Captain E.C. Gore was blown out of his bed but was unhurt. He survived in a lifeboat with the ship's clerk, a fireman and two passengers. The lifeboat eventually drifted ashore at Vermilion, Ohio.

Ghost Captain E.C. Gore stands 15” high and circumference of 5”.  Driftwood cleaned, sanitized, sanded and then aged with a variety of shades of paints.  The Captains’ cap is made from a weather resistant fabric, aged, with fish hooks and netting (recycled bits and pieces), complete with aged chains.  Random metal pieces make up the face; mustache and mouth and then clear coated with a poly finish for durability.



Materials & Construction Info:

All driftwood pieces have undergone rigorous sanding and cleaning along with application of wood sealants to stabilize and protect the driftwoods.


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Price: $35.00