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Driftwood - Eight Tiny Reindeer - Product Image

Driftwood - Eight Tiny Reindeer

Driftwood Eight Tiny Reindeer


All of our Driftwood has been cleaned, dried, stabilized and sealed for long lasting durability. The angels, sailboats and other items were crafted from a combination of different types of time washed pieces of driftwood found on my favorite beach at Lake Erie. A variety of woods have been used, sanded, pieced together, some whitewashed and some clear coated or stained highlighting the natural grain of the wood. Some pieces have been pulled from a bonfire still providing beauty.


Our Eight Tiny Reindeer range in height from tip of antler to edge of nose, 12" to 17" and come with a wall hanger on their backs for easy display. Below, in order of appearance: Mismatch, Ninja, Washer Eyes, Prince Headdress, Golden Eyes, Spectacled One, Smiley Eyes and Also Mismatched.


8_tiny_reindeer_mismatch_1_620_01  8_tiny_reindeer_ninja_2_626  8_tiny_reindeer_washer_eyes_3_588  8_tiny_reindeer_prince_head_dress_4_640

8_tiny_reindeer_golden_eyes_5_640   8_tiny_reindeer_spectacled_one_6_640  8_tiny_reindeer_smiley_eyes_7_640  8_tiny_reindeer_also_mismatched_8_534


Materials & Construction Info:

Each and every holiday item's driftwood pieces have undergone rigorous sanding and cleaning along with application of wood sealants to stabilize and protect the driftwoods.


Payment Details:

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Price: $15.00 
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