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"The power of smell invokes some of our strongest and fondest memories."

Source:  Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs - Copyright© 1987 by Rodale Press, Inc.


Here at Lavender Way, we use a variety of herbs as fill for our Herbal Sachets, Dream Pillows and other items. Lavender, of course, is available all on its own, and ours is 100% organic and pesticide free. Also available are two herb mixtures designed to promote a more restful, peaceful sleep. The Restful Dreams recipe includes Roses, Mugwort, Sweet Marjoram and Hops, while our Pleasant Dreams Recipe is crafted from Roses, Mugwort, Lavender, Sweet Marjoram and Mint. Below you'll find some interesting details about the historical use of each herb, their effective properties, as well as lovely images of each.

Traditional Herbalist Gathering Rules

Interpreting adages from days gone by.


These rules derive from the texts of Pliny, Magnus, and Tusser and were handed down through the centuries, traditionally practiced mostly by the Druids of old. Each component of the ritual is required to be conducted as indicated if the herb is expected to retain its full power when used.


  • Pluck herbs associated with the moon, Venus, and Neptune with your left hand; pluck herbs associated with the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto with your right hand; herbs associated with Saturn and Mercury can be picked with either hand.
  • Herbs must be picked secretly, in solitary circumstances.
  • Never face into the wind when plucking an herb.
  • No matter what occurs, never look behind you when harvesting herbs.
  • Never cut herbs with iron tools.
  • Cut herbs during the twenty-third through the twenty-eighth day of the lunar cycle.
  • After harvesting herbs, lay them out on wheat or barley.
  • Leave a small offering to the earth (spirits) whenever you pluck an herb.  Some herbals suggest offerings of small silver coins, wine, mead, honey, bread, or corn.



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