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All of our Driftwood has been cleaned, dried, stabilized and sealed for long lasting durability. The angels, sailboats and other items were crafted from a combination of different types of time washed pieces of driftwood found on my favorite beach at Lake Erie.  A variety of woods have been used, sanded, pieced together, some whitewashed and some clear coated or stained highlighting the natural grain of the wood. Some pieces have been pulled from a bonfire still providing beauty.


Driftwood has long been used to create nearly anything and everything. In Norse mythology, the first two humans, Ask and Embla were created by Odin using...you guessed it... two pieces of DRIFTWOOD. Before being visited by European traders, driftwood was the only source of wood for the Inuit and other Artic populations, harvested from the banks of the Artic river. They used it to make boats, furniture and much, much more.


Driftwood began to 'take off' as a sculpture medium in the 1960's, and by the 1980's it had become incredibly popular and remains as such today. We let our driftwood tell us what it wants to be...and we'd love to create something just for you!


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Driftwood Horse Head - Product Image

Driftwood Horse Head

 Price: $55.00
Ho Ho Ho Wreath - Product Image

Ho Ho Ho Wreath

 Price: $55.00
Jelli-Octo-Fish Clan: Jelli Family - Product Image

Jelli-Octo-Fish Clan: Jelli Family

Cecil - Product Image


 Price: $65.00
Driftwood Pencil Holder - Product Image

Driftwood Pencil Holder

 Price: $15.00
Driftwood Colored Pencils - Product Image

Driftwood Colored Pencils

 Price: $6.00
Driftwood Pencil Holder & Colored Pencils Set - Product Image

Driftwood Pencil Holder & Colored Pencils Set

 Price: $18.00
Ghost Captain E.C. Gore - Product Image

Ghost Captain E.C. Gore

 Price: $35.00
Ship Wrecked Wreath - Product Image

Ship Wrecked Wreath

 Price: $65.00