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The use of textiles has been a very important part of human life since the dawn of civilization. Though the methods and materials have evolved greatly over time, their essential function has remained the same...clothing, shelter and so much more.


Textiles and related items served significantly as a springboard for international trade, starting with things such as Tyrian purple dye in the Mediterranean, followed by the Silk Road wherein Chinese silk found its way to India, Africa and Europe, and, most recently, spurring the Industrial Revolution with the cotton gin, the spinning jenny and the power loom...a revolution which ushered in the modern era we enjoy living  in today.


Fabric as art has been around for centuries, but became widely prevalent during the Romantic period of the 19th century.


At Lavender Way, we use 'cast-off' items to create new, custom artwork items that you'll love having around for years to come, or give as gifts to someone very special.

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Fabric Arts: Misc. Items - Product Image

Fabric Arts: Misc. Items

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