My Journey

I was once strong, young, with sturdy limbs, deeply rooted keeping my surroundings in place. I provided shelter and food, a place to climb and comfort. I provided shade to cool the earth around me and for any who would come under my long branches.

Through the course of life, events knocked me off my mooring; I ended up at sea. Drifting many miles, seeing many lands, seeking answers and purpose. While traveling I was able to provide some shelter again and a place of rest for some of God’s creatures. This gave me some comfort.

Yet I floundered, pondering the meanings of this new existence. While moving from sea to sea seeking the yet unknown, I was battered, knocked around and chipped. Pieces of me gone, worn, tired and then ended up on shore again.

I was put to the fire temporarily providing heat, and was sent to sea again to drift, contemplate more. Again seeking, wandering and wondering, experiencing. My roughness worn off though still carrying scars of burn and battering, to beach once again.

I’ve been reclaimed, soothed of the char surrounding my body, limbs long worn down, now wondering if there is still purpose, what purpose for me? My once mighty roots grounded in the strong foundation given to me by another, worn and tired now, is there still hope?

Another life chapter and venture to embark on? Yes, yes there is.
The char is nearly gone now by the diligence of tender loving hands revealing outward beauty and strength within. With renewed vision and resolve, the beauty now seen from within this broken and weakened vessel, has sought and found some answers.

Now rejoicing in the findings and meanings, to once again provide shelter, comfort and sustenance. Sail with me now, there is strength still in my foundation, strong enough, to rejoice and embrace. My sails are full. My Faith restored.

rkh 8.21.15