April – National Month of Hope


Spring is a time of renewal, restoration and hope. Recharging and restoring our hope. “During April, buds come into full bloom brightening our days, and National Month of Hope also lends a hand in lifting our spirits.

Bringing hope to someone can take many forms. Being a positive role model in the life of a child or providing a community a foundation for future endeavors both provide hope for the future. Lift the spirits of a friend suffering from a medical issue or volunteer at a local homeless shelter. We are each able to bring a ray of hope in our own ways by contributing wisdom, time, kindness and when possible donate to charities that make the impossible possible.”

Service to others can bring happiness. So it’s hard to be sad when you’re being useful. Whether rappelling down a side of a building to raise funds for Leukemia research, contributing to non-profits like Hope Alliance out of Texas, a crisis center, or The Parkinsons’ Foundation in the hope that one day a cure will be found; or The Confetti Foundation, an org. that packs birthday’s in a box for children spending their birthday’s in the hospital. People everywhere are very helpful by nature and that helpfulness gives us all hope, hope that fills our hearts. A dear friend honors her departed mother each year by committing 71 Random Acts of Kindness on her mother’s birthday. She pays forward at parking meters, in the fast food restaurant line, she and her daughters pack bags of personal care items to distribute to homeless, take donuts to the local fire station, flowers to teachers, and so on throughout the day. They create smiles and spread hope of goodness in human nature.

Being useful and providing service to others is a good thing.


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