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The love of gardening, and particularly herb gardening, has developed into a home based business using knowledge of herbs combined with sewing, painting, woodworking and paper craft which led to developing a variety of products. Each project is inspired by an herb, plant, color, a word or a piece of fabric.


My Mom, a self taught fiber artist, had been making soft cloth dolls for years, each very unique and different. Mom is my true inspiration. Even at 85+ she continued to explore and unafraid to try something new or unusual. She taught me how to sew and make my own clothes as a young girl. Working with the dolls, snowmen pillows and bears has renewed my interest in sewing and has led to more intricate and challenging projects. Mom left us in 2015 full with her love, strength and teachings.


The Gathering Spirits line of soft cloth dolls are the culmination of Mom giving me leftover fabrics from her quilts and the little girl in me that still just wants to play with my dolls. Those dolls led to making large soft cloth mascot dolls for Red Hat Society chapters, which led to theme typed dolls for sales companies.


The Snowman Dream Pillows  not only fulfilled my love of snowmen but also includes the pleasure of working with herbs and herbal mixes. Snowmen always have a smile on their face and these pillows will add one to yours. Dream pillows, Memory pillows and herbal sachets are now available in a variety of new and vintage fabrics along with herbal fills.


Family members, both with me now and who are endearing memories, have been supportive and contributed fabrics, laces, ribbons, and old jewelry.  Very few of my dolls have anything new on them. They have been constructed from 'Gathered' articles from our lives.  We all seem to save and collect and now I have a way to recycle and bring pleasure to others.


I get to create, play and work with dolls;  design patterns, clothes and jewelry for them usually based on something in nature.  The colors of a sunset or the smell of an herb, a stray feather or a flower will set me off on a new direction.


I spent many years in the business world as an office manager in the broadcast industry, and then in the legal department of an insurance company. Although interesting and varied, my lifestyle now is so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. It is my pleasure to do this kind of 'work'.


A very special thank you to Erin N. McKibben for allowing us to use her music for our video!


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